Patience is a virtue…

…Virtue is a grace,
Grace is a little girl who wouldn’t wash her face!


I do like that little rhyme 🙂

Apologies to all those named Grace however, I’m sure you do wash your faces!

Anyway, back to the matter in hand. I’ve found myself becoming rather impatient. I used to take pride in how patient I was, I had the ability to wait for anything. Birthdays, Christmas, holidays, you name it and I’d get excited but could handle the wait. However, as of late I am the complete opposite.

In case you didn’t know, as of October I’m off to Australia for a year – it’s not like this blog is dedicated to it or anything! 😉 I’m booked to leave this country on Thursday 23rd October 2014.

I booked my trip on Tuesday 4th March 2014. 233 days before Thursday 23rd October. Just to be precise. Not that I was counting.

233 DAYS. That’s a LONG time! A lot of things happen between 4th March and 23rd October…my birthday for one thing! British summer time is another! What was I meant to do with all this time?!

Well, take advantage of it and actually pay for my trip one thing!

But besides that. Why couldn’t it just be NOW?!


I did everything I could to maintain my excitement and make sure I’d be as ready as possible for when the time did come to jet off half way around the world. I planned my finances, working out what to pay and when. I recalculated these about once a week and funnily enough they never changed. I created an ‘Australia Bucketlist‘ – an A to Z list of things I definitely want to do while I’m out there. I even got way ahead of myself and compiled a list of things to buy before I leave. These ranged from a camera, a rucksack and a new iPod (to replace the one that ended up in the washing machine) to 10 new pairs of knickers, socks and a few new bras!

A girl has to be prepared, right?! 😉

Thing is, none of this took away from the fact it wasn’t happening now. Planning my payment schedule was all very well, but I planned it all as much as I could to the extent I just wanted it to be the end of every month all the time so I can use pay day as an excuse to pay off the next instalment! (Admittedly, the novelty of having very little money wore off quite quickly.)

What’s more, to add to my stress, I decided to grow my hair. Something that also didn’t happen at the speed I’d have liked it to go. As much as I adore the asymmetric quirkiness I had going on it was going to be a bit too tricky to maintain such a cut when travelling with my trusted hairdresser a gazillion miles away.


Ultimately I got to a point where I had to admit to myself that I just needed to stop. Not stop planning, and not stop being excited, but just stop with wishing my life away. I hated it.

I had 233 days left in this country to spend with those I love and care about the most.

233 days left with a definite job – one I know I’ll miss, no matter how many slow or tricky days it throws at me while I’m still here.

233 days left of my own bed! A double bed will be quite the luxury after that I feel.

233 days left. Just over 6 months. 33 weeks and 2 days. My hair had 33 weeks and 2 days to even out. I could definitely work with that.

Just over a month to go...getting there!

Just over a month to go…getting there!

And so patience is a virtue. And here I am now with only 73 days to go! If anything I’m now even more crazy excited, I’m still planning as much as possible whilst leaving A LOT of room for spontaneity, and I am definitely making the absolute most of the time I have left in the UK, knowing full well there will be times I miss it once I’m on the other side of the world.


3 responses to “Patience is a virtue…

  1. Hey :),
    I just came across across your blog, and was curious as to how much money you’ve saved up for your travels? I’m assuming you’re intending to work out there at the same time?
    Good luck in Oz! So close now! x


    • Heya 🙂 Well, as I’ve got an Australian Working Visa to fulfill the visa requirements I must have 5,000 Australian dollars to be able to enter the country, as that’s what the government deems to be an acceptable amount to live off in Australia. So I’ve used that as my bench mark I guess, as I will most definitely be working once I get out there! 🙂
      Hope that helps! X


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