The decision to go…

31 days into 2014, the standard “how time flies” and “how is it February tomorrow?!” comments were rolling around, and I was reflecting on the New Years resolutions I had set myself. They were:

– Move out
– Make mistakes
– Don’t judge
– Make more of an effort
– Learn to cook

Most were still going strong, too early to have been completely abandoned by that point. I was still making mistakes, and desperately trying not to make initial judgements about others based purely on sight – funnily enough reminding myself that I am a long way away from being perfect does wonders for the soul! I was also doing rather well with making more of an effort friends-wise, and can quite vividly recall making The Parentals baked potatoes with beans and cheese…and neither of them died. Baby steps my friends, baby steps.

However, in those 31 days I had made a big decision regarding my goal to move out. My initial plan had been to move into London in June with 3 other girls from university, get a job there and be a proper Grown Up.


But that didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like me. Not right now anyway.

But there was somewhere that did feel very me and very right. Australia.

For a year!



The decision was made almost the instant I started researching Australia travel opportunities. I was spending all my days off looking and applying for jobs, getting thoroughly fed up at it all. Nothing felt right and nothing excited me.

So on a whim I looked into going travelling. Because, well why not?! I came across quite a few Work Australia opportunities – where an individual aged between 18-30 can apply for a working visa in Australia for a maximum of 12 months. And it just felt right. Scary, but so much more right than London or any job I’d previously been looking at.

I’m young, free and all those other clichés all 20 year olds get labelled with, and can quite literally do anything I want with my life. I have no ties and no dependants and so why on earth would I not exploit this and see the world?! I’ve always said I want to travel, so if not now then when?!

So that’s exactly what I plan to do! 😉

20140131-021413 pm.jpg


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