“It’s the final COUNTDOWN!”

*duh duh duuuh dooooo! duh duh duh duh dooooo.*…etc.

You get the gist 😉

It’s one week until I leave! One week! This time next week finances will have been sorted, packing will have not only commenced but will be complete, and the final goodbyes will be well underway.

And how am I feeling about this?

Well, a lot of this…

A bit of this…

And a teeny tiny bit of this…

As you can see I am still the mix of emotions I was throughout my last post, and it’s purely because the ‘goodbyes’ are now in full swing that’s triggering the “well, I suppose I could just stay here…?!” reaction. But I think we all know that would be a mistake! 😉

These last few weeks have been spent sorting out the final bits and bobs to make entirely sure I have everything I need and have done everything I could possibly do before I go. Sod’s law dictates I will miss something, of course, but I guess that’s life and it’ll probably result in a funny story somewhere along the lines!

The biggest change since my last post is I have now quit work and entered the realms of unemployment! I’m officially a bum! Leaving was a weird experience; as I’m sure many of you know it is often the people who surround us that make our jobs what they are, and saying goodbye to such a lovely bunch of people who have become somewhat of a second family to me was sad. Not seeing them day after day is going to take some getting used to, but it’s nice to leave somewhere knowing I’ve made some genuine friends for life. Plus, they gave me one hell of a leaving do! Most of the nights events are probably best left unsaid, and we’ll just focus on how pretty we all looked instead! 😉

IMG_1969.JPG IMG_0176.JPG

I am sort of milking the whole ‘leaving do’ thing, as saying goodbye to extended family involved a mini tour of Britain and saw me driving to Nottinghamshire and Dorset over the space of five days! As a result I’ve only eaten one or two home-cooked meals in the last week!


In as much of a non-ranty way as possible, organising my leaving parties has been a bit of an eye opener with regards to who I can expect to make the effort whilst I am away. I always knew that being on the other side of the world will mean I lose contact with some friends – throughout your twenties that’s inevitable anyway, so Australia is potentially just a catalyst for that. I’m not surprised that there are those friends who don’t make the effort, but I guess it’s simply the people in question that it’s turned out to be. And that makes me sad, because there are a lot of other people who I have sadly not been able to visit to say my goodbyes to, who I now wish I’d made more of an effort to.

But I guess that’s all part of the learning curve! And next time I’ll be a bit more prepared! 🙂

I still have one leaving do to go, and it’s a big’un as it happens to also be my birthday celebration too! As if getting ready to leave the country wasn’t enough, I’m also turning the grand old of age of 24! It’s left me with a bit more to do in the next 7 days, but I’m telling myself if my schedule wasn’t this jam-packed then I’d be bored…

– Thursday 16th October: Life admin. And ironing. There’s a lot of ironing to do!
– Friday 17th October: Birthday! Hair appointment in the morning and then make my way to London for a gig in the evening.
– Saturday 18th October: Birthday doooooo! This involves bowling and dinner with my faves…you’re jealous, I can tell 😉
– Sunday 19th October: Recover, making my way back home in the evening.
– Monday 20th October: Pack! I’ve done a trial pack, and I am unashamedly proud of my clothes rolling efforts…
And then off to watch The Book of Mormon with the famalam in the evening 🙂
– Tuesday 21st October: Shall be spent having a final day with my best girl…there will undoubtedly be tears!
– Wednesday 22nd October: Final preparations, and finishing with a good old pub grub meal before getting absolutely zero sleep due to nerves and excitement!

I have a feeling it’s going to be one of the quicker weeks of my life!


One response to ““It’s the final COUNTDOWN!”

  1. Hey our Kate, you will have an absolutely fab time , and im sure some very happy times , all im going to say is “Lets be careful out there baby girl”!!! and when you get to Sydney say hi to my family o.k. God if only i was 30 yrs younger , i would have done it !!! Good luck , and just enjoy…… and what fab memories you will have to , i cant wait to hear what ya getting upto lol , lots of love Debs xxx


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