Hostel Review: Sydney Central YHA

As part of my year out here I’d like to do a review of every hostel I stay in, just so that if anyone else has similar plans they can see, simply, what I had to say about each hostel. So to kick us off, here are my thoughts on Sydney Central YHA

The Good
– Very clean, I didn’t feel the need to shower in my flip flops which is always a great moment!
– Bed linen (complete with blanket) provided, and the beds were pretty comfy. Also good to note that the top bunks had guards either side, just in case anyone was particularly fidgety and might run the risk of falling out of bed!
– Really good sized kitchen with all utensils, cutlery and crockery provided. There was no oven, but for a limited time it’s not hard to live without one.
– Laundry rooms on pretty much every floor with washers, dryers, irons and washing powder.
– Great view of Sydney on the roof, especially at nighttime.
– Felt incredibly secure. Lockers were provided in rooms, but I rarely felt I had to lock mine as there just wasn’t a ‘stealing’ sort of vibe. I did lock it though. Better to be safe than sorry and all! 😉
– Storage behind the front desk if you arrive before your check in time.
– Free WiFi in the reception area, which was almost always reliable!
– Only $15 for 7 days of Premium WiFi that worked in all hostel rooms.
– There’s a cafe downstairs that provides breakfast at a reasonable rate.

The Bad
– Very full of families, school trips and a few more elderly lone guests. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I’m speaking as a 24 year old backpacker. As party hostels go this one didn’t really have that vibe.
– As a result of the previous point, spontaneously meeting like-minded individuals was rare.
– Slightly more pricey…but for the quality I didn’t mind paying that little bit more for my first seven nights in the country. It certainly helped me beat the jet lag!

The Ugly
– Nothing. How dull, sorry! I’ll try and find more grotesque hostels in the future to provide something a bit more humorous for you to read!

The Staff
– Really friendly, always happy to help with directions and things to do in the area, and at reception they can book your next YHA stay at any hostel in Australia! There was one guy who tried to dissuade me from staying in other Sydney hostels, and made me feel a bit guilty about wanting to spread my wings but it was all in good jest…I think!
– When booking my next few hostels with a group the staff did all they could to ensure we’d be in the same room, which was nice!

Tell me a story!
So like I said, quite a few older people stay in this hostel if they’re travelling alone. I was in a four person dorm sharing with two others that I had flown here with, and then we had one spare bed. For the first night this spare bed was occupied by a lovely lady who clearly only needed a bunk for the one night and so that was that.
The next couple of nights the bed was free, until one morning I was lying on the floor in my pyjamas checking my phone and another girl had just woken up so still in bed. The door key went, and in walked a lady, probably in her mid-50s, who then proceeded to stand in the doorway and take in the scene that greeted her. I politely looked up, smiled and said hi. She was quite clearly not expecting to see what she saw, as she slowly backed out the room, saying “No. Oh no no no. No. *nervous laugh* Noooooo. Hello! Bye.”
And that was that. Never saw her again, but I’m assuming she either re-booked a private room or stuck with sharing a room but with others more to her taste!

I’d say overall, despite the fact you do pay more at Sydney Central YHA than at other hostels in the heart of Sydney CBD it is worth it just for the peace of mind, comfort and reliable WiFi. Nobody likes unreliable WiFi.


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