Hostel Review: Noah’s Bondi Beach Backpacker Hostel


The Good
– Available at the last minute, and this booking was made very last minute!
– Really good location right by Bondi Beach meaning you are able to walk to the beach easily enough, and there’s bus stops right outside the hostel that go directly to Bondi Junction and Central Sydney.
– Cheap.
– Good backpacker vibe, with a lot more guests our age around and about. I also got the impression many were paying weekly and staying long-term.
– Nice roof terrace to eat/smoke on, with pretty lush views of Bondi.

The Bad
– The free WiFi was incredibly bad…unless you were using it at 3am. Then it was superb!
– The showers would alternate between boiling and freezing, there was no in between! And it was even worse if two of you tried to shower at the same time. (In separate cubicles, might I just add!)
– No blanket was provided to sleep under, just a sheet which left me quite chilly in the middle of the night.
– Had to spend $5 buy our own cutlery and crockery to use at mealtimes. This wasn’t really an issue for me, they do it because otherwise people steal the sets once they move on from the hostel. The problem was that these sets weren’t plastic, and I was then lumbered with a breakable IKEA crockery set, and so I basically wasted $5.
– Not particularly clean.
– No rails surrounded the top bunks. I doubt many backpackers have fallen out of bed at home in recent times, but it always seems inevitable when height is involved and no railings are provided!
– Small and rather cramped kitchen and eating facilities.

The Ugly
– I saw a cockroach in the kitchen.

The Staff
– Most were very friendly 🙂 There was one bloke behind the desk where nothing was too much trouble for him! He’d provide extra pillows, pots and pans for cooking, and offer all sorts of advice about what to do in the area.
– A few were less friendly, the housekeeping staff in particular, but to be fair a lot of the guests were incredibly messy so what else do you expect?! There was one girl behind the desk who very much didn’t believe that I needed a big pan to cook spaghetti in along with some sharp knives, and as a result severely delayed dinner preparations for all 8 of us!

Tell me a story!
This is a hostel that actually, despite it not being 5* or anywhere near as good as the previous YHA one I had stayed in, I had a certain fondness for. They charged extra for things like crockery, there was a $20 deposit for the key which was returned to you if you checked out on time, and another $20 deposit for a blanket to sleep under, but they only did this because of problems they’d had in the past. If previous backpackers hadn’t stolen those things in the first place they wouldn’t have needed to implement these measures.
I can’t quite forgive the cockroach in the kitchen though. Our food was on the bottom shelf.



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