A return flight, some fast cars and two Very Important Tourists

This week there is no instalment of Living in Sydney as I was not around in Sydney all that much to indulge in what it had to offer!

Why, I hear you ask?

Well, because being an absolutely huge Formula 1 and Lewis Hamilton fan took precedence this weekend! With the 2015 season starting up in Melbourne and a day ground pass being alarmingly cheap it seemed a shame to miss such an event. That, and the fact it had been on my Australia Bucket List ever since I booked my trip a year ago!

Having mentioned my plans to my fellow BUNAC-ers before we’d even left the UK a few of us decided to make our way together from Sydney on the Saturday of the race weekend, on the delightful budget airline Tigerair. For the sake of an hour and a half journey this really didn’t phase me – they got us from A to B safely in what felt a bit like a toaster with wings and for a pretty reasonable price! After taking the Skybus to the city centre I then made my way back to St. Kilda to meet up with my darling friend Phoebe who had kindly offered me a bed in her apartment for the weekend! What a babe! I paid her and her flatmates in chocolate ๐Ÿ™‚

On the morning of the race, fellow BUNAC-er Matt and I made our way to Albert Park suitably early to queue outside in order to secure as good a spot as possible for the day ahead. I’m happy to say we succeeded, and set up camp from 10am with a good six hours to kill until the start of the race!

Grand Prix

Those six hours were filled with me mostly acting as something of a PA to those who were coming to sit with us. Two other BUNAC-ers were also intending to sit with us, along with some friends of mine from Coffs Harbour as well as two Very Important Tourists. Big News: MY PARENTALS WERE COMING TO VISIT!!!!!!!!! I was beyond excited, but before they arrived there were the logistics of saving space and guiding others to our location to deal with – there were so many people! Lorna (BUNAC-er) and her boyfriend arrived about an hour after Matt and I had and claimed their space. Nick (Coffs Harbour) arrived and plonked himself down next to yours truly. By this point it was getting quite busy, so when Nikki rang to say she was with five others and was coming to find us we all raised our eyebrows a little! After seeing how busy it was around us about 10 minutes later she decided against that idea! By the time the call from my parents came my useless, two year old iPhone 4S had 47% battery and was trying to deal with phone calls from both The Parentals and Phoebe.

By this point I had given directions and reference points to people on the other end of the phone so many times that people sitting around us had started to mock me. Not funny, or clever I think you’ll agree! ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was quite funny though, and it was super nice when they all cheered after I was reunited with The Parentals and having the biggest hug ever!


Truth be told, the race itself was somewhat unremarkable – only 11 cars actually managed to finish, and none of these retirements were from dangerous and risky overtaking manoeuvres but more because of technical issues. The joys of it being the first race of the season I suppose! The atmosphere was fantastic though, and I was at a Grand Prix on the other side of the world in beautiful sunshine with The Parentals – life was good! Before we parted ways after the race we took the compulsory ‘track selfies’ and made our plans for the next few days, which involved exploring the city, ice creams, phoning people back home and lots of chit chat and hugs!

That evening I headed back to the apartment Lorna and her boyfriend had rented out for a few days. It was on something silly like the 48th floor, and was so high up it caused my ears to pop in the lift! It was well worth it though as the view was stunning – I’m a total sucker for city skylines, especially at night, and this view just made me fall in love with Melbourne even more…



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