A Grand Day Out

…on a farm! Not to the moon, like the title of this post might suggest if you’re an avid Wallace and Gromit fan like yours truly.

Michaela and I had a day off from wood-chopping, splinters, getting grubby and all things countryside, but rather than venture into the nearest town as per usual we decided to take up the offer of one of the local farmers and go to his for the day. This is what we got up to…


Feeding lambs…not actual Koppaberg I promise!

Driving a combine harvester.

Say cheese!

We may or may not have had a bit of fun with the siren!

Being fireladies.

In amongst the crops.

About to take the tractor for a spin!

Resting on our hay after a busy but great day.

I’m not a country girl, and in England if someone were to offer me a day out on their farm I would probably have needed to wash my hair or watch the grass grow for a little while that day! However this year is all about going against my norm and Tullamore certainly is providing plenty of opportunities for just that. Our farm day included driving a combine harvester and a tractor, sitting in a fire truck, learning how to shoot a rifle, chasing emus, searching for a camel, a few ciders, glorious weather and most importantly – great company.
I wish the pictures did justice to my day. They’re good, but they can’t portray the excitement, wonder and pure, simple happiness that I felt the whole day. Never in a million years did I think I’d love it out here in the middle of nowhere as much as I do.


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