My Farming Buddy

My farming buddy has left me, and even though I see her in 12 days time once I head back to Sydney myself I am totally overreacting and may have cried a little bit already. Considering she only left a few hours ago I can understand how that could be seen as a tiny bit dramatic. 

I’ll make it short and sweet, but I just wanted to write a post about how necessary we both were to each other during our time here. Outback Australia is an intense place to be for anyone not from these parts – the nearest towns are at least 100km away and each have a population of around 200-300, public transport isn’t really a thing and the whole way of life is completely different to anything ever experienced before. Throw a Pom and a Scot in there and it is beyond surreal.

During our time in Tullamore it is more than fair to say Michaela and I have experienced our share of extreme highs and lows – love life dramas, homesickness, drunken antics and many more things have all been lived through during our time here. I can 100% say that I would not have survived these last three months without Michaela. When things all got a bit too much for me she had my back and then some, keeping my feet firmly on the ground at all times with her listening ear and heartfelt advice. Equally she was there to laugh with (sometimes at) me and enjoy the countless great times we’ve had here. We grew close fast – a bout of food poisoning tends to do that to you(!) – and now she’s gone I feel a bit like a lost puppy!

I’ll stop being soppy in a second, but I will finish by saying: Michaela – thank you for everything. God knows what we would have done if we didn’t like each other, and thank goodness that wasn’t the case! I now feel so blessed to have gotten such a close friend out of this whole experience. I cannot thank you enough for getting me through the crap, and I’m so grateful I had you to share the awesome with. No one looks forward to their farm work but I have the best and funniest memories from our time in Tullamore, and I’m so excited for our future adventures in our second year!



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