One month left!

Remember this post

I certainly do! I can remember booking last dental and doctors appointments in the local village. I can remember the vast amounts of life admin I undertook that day to ensure no stone was left unturned before my departure. I can remembering Wikipedia-ing the 23rd September to see what special things might have occurred on that day for the introduction.

Most of all I vividly remember walking down Goring High Street with an added spring in my step, excitement bubbling up from inside me threatening to burst out at any minute because I was off to travel and live in Australia for a whole year! I was going on an adventure on the other side of the world all on my own, where I had no idea what lay in store for me but it was pretty safe to say I knew it would be one of the best years of my life.

Somehow, here I am one year and one day later with only 30 days left in this amazing country. In 31 days time my feet will be back on British soil once more, and I’ll be jet-lagged beyond belief, staggering through Heathrow arrivals with all the luggage I have somehow acquired over the past year to be greeted by those I love the most. And once again, I can’t wait! 


Well…I can wait. I love it here so much! I’ve hiked around the Blue Mountains, cheered on Andy Murray at the Australian Open, tasted wine in the Hunter Valley, swum in the Great Barrier Reef, explored Melbourne’s lane-ways decked in incredible street art, seen the Opera House, jumped out of a plane at 14,000 feet, attended my first (but certainly not my last!) Grand Prix and learnt to surf on one of Sydney’s famous beaches. I’ve worked as an au pair in Sydney, I’ve picked blueberries in Coffs Harbour and I’ve been a farm hand in Tullamore. I have met the most wonderful people and I feel so blessed to be able to call them all my friends. I’ve travelled Australia, but most importantly to me I’ve lived in Australia. 

And it’s not over yet! I have 30 days left here in Oz, 12 of them to be spent here in Tullamore and the rest in Sydney before I leave. I’m happy to report I am still loving my time here in outback Australia, I definitely feel like one of the family now and it is going to be so hard to leave. I’ve mentioned before the community spirit and feel that there is to this place, and I guess I’m a sucker for that kind of a vibe because I’ve immersed myself into it 110%. The locals have full on adopted Michaela, Ben and me as one of their own and we’ve spent our free time with them enjoying bonfires, too much alcohol and sharing in some of my most surreal life experiences to date! My partner in crime, Michaela, left today and I have no idea how she remained so composed – I will no doubt be a blubbering mess by the time it’s my turn! 

This time last year 30 days left meant it was the perfect opportunity for me to conquer the 30 squat challenge and the 30 day plank challenge. I won’t lie, I have zero intention of doing that this time around! Instead I’m going to count down my final 30 days with a photo of what made me happy that day – inspired by the 100 Happy Days challenge I undertook last year!

My very dear friend, Jess, pointed out yesterday that in 100 days time it will be 2016. Yes, you read that right, we have less than 100 days left of this year! So Jess, my friend Amy and I have decided to embark upon the 100 Happy Days challenge once more, and I will be recording these on my personal Instagram account @katelewers if you care to follow. If you fancy following Jess and Amy’s happy days they can be found at @jess_mary_b and @_amy_louise.

30 days left. 30 days left of who knows what. 30 more days of not having a plan, winging it and seeing what sort of life experiences Australia can throw my way and the memories they will create before I head home. Bring. It. On. 


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