Goodbye Tullamore, Hello Sydney!

After three months of trying to be a semi-competent farm hand in Tullamore, last week the time came to hang up my farm boots for good and return to the big smoke that is Sydney. It’s no secret that I had a whale of a time being a country bumpkin, and it’s hard to say something was ‘the best thing I have done in Australia’ but it was, without a doubt, the most remarkable. Thank you again, people of Tullamore, for adopting me as one of your own and being so welcoming from day one. I will never forget my time there, and I will for sure be back to visit when I’m next in Oz!

After having a great long weekend at Mungery Picnic Races I left for Sydney last Tuesday. The drive from Tullamore to Parkes (where I was to catch the train from that afternoon) ensured I would be left with a lasting impression of the Australian outback – we drove past miles and miles of seemingly never ending space on dusty dirt roads. It may not sound beautiful, but I’ve learnt to appreciate a different kind of beauty since living in the countryside and we were lucky enough to be blessed with the bluest sky on a gorgeous spring day which definitely contributed!

After my 10 hour(!) train journey back to Sydney I was overjoyed to be back in the land of people (seriously…I shed a few tears at the site of a city skyline lit up in the dark!) and to be reunited with my farming partner in crime – Michaela! Michaela has family in Sydney who are being incredibly generous and selfless and letting me stay with them while I’m here for the next two weeks. 

And so here I am! Back where it all began nigh on a year ago! My days so far have been filled with meeting new friends, beach days, backpacker nights out and just generally enjoying a holiday before heading back to the real world on October 24th. I will have to squeeze in a bit of life admin before then – job applications, bank stuff and the like, but hopefully the novelty of being on the other side of the world in 30 degree heat will help tide me through! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on my antics whilst I count down to coming home…


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