A very Aussie birthday!

Somehow, I’m not sure how, I have turned the grand old age of 25. 


I’m a quarter of a century old! Half way to 50! Downhill from here they say…!

‘They’ being my friends, most of whom I can only hope are trying to wind me up because so far 25 definitely isn’t that bad! If my celebrations are anything to go by then this year should be pretty awesome because Michaela pulled out all the stops to make it a pretty special day.

I knew something was up earlier in the week – Michaela seemed stressed for one thing, people started having quiet conversations around me that I wasn’t allowed to be a part of and so basically I wasn’t allowed to know anything about what we might do for my birthday! Things got even more suspicious on the morning of my birthday when Michaela got up weirdly early, claiming she was late and needed to go out and buy a dress for that night!

Leaving me to Skype my parents with nothing other than balloons, wine and chocolate cake for company! Good birthday breakfast though! 😉 

The day continued with that much mystery as I was greeted by Charlie, one of Michaela’s cousins, who said we should go and have a beach day at Bondi beach around midday. Feeling like there was a bit more to the story I went along with it, and found myself sunbathing with Charlie on Bondi beach for about an hour. It was around 1pm when she announced she wanted to go and meet her friend Emma if that was OK…I said it was, despite having a bit of an internal diva “but it’s MY day!” moment.

Turns out Emma didn’t exist, but in her place was a BBQ on the beach, balloons, cake, goon, music and all my Sydney friends all organised by Michaela! Isn’t she a doll!

It was such a good day and I cannot thank everyone who came along enough for making it so special for me. I’ve had a birthday on Bondi beach! 

That night we went out to Soda Factory in Surry Hills, somewhere I’d never been before but it was such a giggle with some cheesy music, crazy dancing and more than a little bit too much alcohol…but it was my birthday, that’s allowed right?!

Sunday was spent on the sofa feeling very sorry for myself indeed. 

Australia, your birthdays are awesome. Thank you!


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