I’m home!

Truth be told I’ve been home a good two weeks now, but it’s taken me that time to get my head around actually being here and get settled back into day to day life. It feels quite cliché to say things like it’s “overwhelming” to be back, but it really is! Not only was there 11 hours of jet lag to contend with, but also the prospect of having to find a job pretty pronto (because I have returned to the country with next to no money!) and all the inevitable catch ups with people I haven’t seen for over a year!

The process of coming home was a lot less painful than I had anticipated. I flew home with Emirates thanks to a cheap deal I found on STA Travel and the mammoth journey really wasn’t bad at all! I was dreading the flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi as that was a full 14 hours and 45 minutes, but turns out not that many people were booked on to the flight and so I had a whole row to myself! Therefore I took full advantage and created a little bed for myself and slept throughout most of the journey! Abu Dhabi to London was a mere seven hours after that, where I was sat beside a lovely gentleman who upon saying goodbye shook my hand and wished me nothing but peace, love and happiness for my future. Love him! I spent this journey taking advantage of the in-flight entertainment and watched Inside Out, Me, Early and the Dying Girl (that one was sad) and caught up on a few episodes of Bones. Time well spent, I think you’ll agree!

The only painful bit was waiting to get my luggage. I was so excited once we’d landed to just get through the arrivals gate and hug the welcome party that had come to greet me but the good old Heathrow baggage handlers had other ideas and unloaded all of our bags on to a belt with known technical problems. Almost two hours after landing I finally got through those gates, tired, smelly and dehydrated and had BIG hugs with my family and friends.

 Our afternoon was spent eating pizza, quiche, salad and birthday cake whilst chatting non-stop about all things Australia.

And since then? Well I’ve not been up to much. As a family we had a service to remember my Grandad the weekend after I’d returned so a lot of that week was spent trying to combat the jet lag to ensure I’d be awake enough for that! I’ve taken up the offer from my old workplace of a temporary role over Christmas while I try to find something more permanent and a bit more ‘me’ so that will hopefully sort out the old money situation! I’ve started applying for jobs, so we shall see what comes of that in the next month or so. Dad is currently trying to source a car for me, because at the age of 25 it’s not that fun to be relying on my parents to get me to places!

Besides all that? Well, that’s sort of been it. Again it does sound a bit cliché but nothing here has really changed – the Post Office has moved in Pangbourne, but that’s about it! The world is still turning, everyone’s still working the same jobs and Jeremy Kyle still makes me angry. However, after a year of being all over the place and feeling quite unsettled it’s quite nice to indulge in this novelty for a little while. I’ll start planning my next adventure soon, but for now the monotony of day to day life alongside organising catch ups with everyone I’ve missed is just what I need.

Oh, there has been one more change…I chopped all my hair off again!



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