68 Days of England

Where does the time go?

Somehow, I’m not sure how, but somehow it is Friday 1 January 2016.



This time last year I had seen in the new year watching the Sydney harbour fireworks after an amazing few weeks in Coffs Harbour, and then spent New Years Day sunning myself on Bondi Beach. This year I have worked myself silly over the Christmas period and so spent my New Years at home with The Parentals watching Jools Holland’s Hootenanny, playing silly games and watching the London fireworks on TV. Probably couldn’t have been more different if I’d tried!

christmas racers

After over two months of being back home I definitely feel much more settled and less overwhelmed than I did in my last post. I have a few exciting life updates, the first being that my Dad did wonders with sourcing a car and I am now the very proud owner of Marmite the Micra! Having never had an accident or broken down or anything – even whilst I was away – I didn’t have any reason to feel uneasy about driving my new car. Until, that is, on Christmas Eve when I managed to knock a hubcap off. Bugger.

I’ve spent the last two months working for my old employer as a retail Supervisor. It’s been lovely to work within a familiar team again, and in a role I am comfortable with. I can’t express how grateful I am that they were willing to have me back as it’s not only helped me top up my dwindling bank account with some pennies, but also kept me active over the Christmas period. (Necessary, considering I had gained the Sydney Stone during my time in Australia!) However, the reality is that retail is not my passion and to survive working in store over Christmas year after year the retail industry really does have to be something you love. The words my manager used to tempt me back were “it’ll be fun!”…after a 23 hour shift one day/night I came to the conclusion we have slightly different definitions of fun!

Therefore I am incredibly happy to say that as of next week I have a new job as a Marketing and Communications Assistant for a company based in London. I am unsure what I’m most excited about – a completely new challenge, working regular hours or my new work clothes…

work clothes

Work aside life’s really been quite lovely. I bought a new phone for starters…


I have had catch ups galore, with ones that haven’t been possible already being planned for early 2016. We’ve celebrated my brother’s and The Mothership’s birthdays. I’ve ventured into London a few times, with one visit including a trip to Winter Wonderland which has been a lifelong ambition and was everything I wanted it to be and more. Though I must admit I probably did get a bit too into the pre-dodgems selfie…

pre dodgems

And I had a Lewers Christmas! This involved a veggie roast beef dinner (read: vegetables, roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings all covered in far too much gravy. It was amazing.) and a table tennis tournament. Last year it was pool volleyball in Coffs Harbour, this year it was table tennis in Berkshire. Again, how things change!

christmas lunchping pong

All in all home is pretty great! However, home doesn’t leave much space for this blog. The Naive Traveller blogging continuously about being at home, or blogging about nothing…neither option sounds great to me! This blog is very dear to my heart as it helped me maintain my passion of writing throughout the time that I was away, and I have no desire to give up my recreational writing. Therefore I am creating a new blog at http://www.cathedralsinmyheart.com. (Don’t bother visiting now, I’ve not even started!) Not with the intention of abandoning this blog – I have every intention of writing about any travels I do embark upon on here – but simply to allow me to write about my life as it is now and the new challenges facing me. Very self-indulgent and probably a bit corny, but hey who’s judging really?!

So, new year, new job, new blog! I’m not a ‘new year, new me’ kind of person, but I am looking forward to all this newness and the adventures it could all lead to! Bring on 2016!



One response to “68 Days of England

  1. Hi Kate,sounds like a great Christmas. I wish you well for 2016 and any new adventures you embark upon. Good luck with the new job. I look forward to reading your new blog. Martin xx


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