As you might have seen, my travel plans begin with living in and travelling Australia for a year with an Australian Working Visa. I depart on Thursday 23 October 2014, and will be stopping over in Hong Kong for three days on my way there.

As this is my first time travelling alone EVER (yep, backpacker virgin!) I chose to book this trip with BUNAC’s Work Australia programme. This option has meant there’s been no stress regarding booking flights and applying for my visa, plus comes with a whole load of support while I’m out there. It also includes the added bonus of activities such as a five day surf camp, which is never something to be sniffed at! 😉

Pretty accurate picture of my surfing skill level at present...

Pretty accurate picture of my surfing skill level at present…

“So, what’s the plan?” I hear you ask!


Just roll with it, really!

Really helpful and insightful answer, right?! 😉

Truth be told, I don’t want to plan things down to a tee. I want to go and have an absolute whale of a time loving life, doing what I want to do and what feels right.

Bit too corny? Well, to narrow it down a bit I do know that as things stand the east coast appeals to me more than the west coast, I want to spend New Years in Sydney and I will be watching the Melbourne Grand Prix live! And I have also composed an A-Z bucketlist of things to do, but these 26 things will by no means be the limit of what I intend to get up to while I’m out there…and at the very least I hope they lead to inspiring more future travels and adventures.

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