Australia A-Z Bucketlist

A – Spend Australia Day spent in Sydney.

BBungee jump in Cairns.

C Climb Sydney Harbour bridge.

D – See, meet and maybe swim with dolphins.

E Eat Christmas dinner on Bondi Beach.

F – Attend at least one Australian festival.

G Great Barrier Reef…if I can get brave then swim in it, but I’m totally cool with just dipping a toe or two in!

H – “How you going?” – understand that, and various other Aussie slang terms!

I Indulge in the famous “coffee culture”, in Melbourne in particular.

J Jump out of an aeroplane over the Great Barrier Reef. With someone who knows what they’re doing and a parachute, obviously. In other words, go skydiving, but S has been allocated to something else!

K – Take a trip on the Kuranda Sceneic Railway.

L Learn to surf.

M – Go to the Melbourne Grand Prix.

N – Spend New Years in Sydney.

O – Take a tour of the Sydney Opera House.

P Photograph the smallest penguins in the world at Philip Island.

Q Queensland. All of it. Or as much as I can. It sounds like my kind of place!

R Relax on as many beaches as possible. Not sure how to monitor this one, and I realise it sounds a bit lame, but in my defence have you seen how jam-packed the rest of this list is?! 😉

S Shower in the Minyon Falls Flora Reserve waterfall at Nightcap National Park.

T Theme parks: at least one water park and one adventure park.

U Uluru…and this includes Ayers Rock, obviously.

V – Eat a Vegemite sandwich. If anyone genuinely has any other/better suggestions I’m all ears on this one!

W Watch a film at a Moonlight Cinema.

X – Get an X-ray. Again, any better suggestions welcome because I’d rather not have to call upon my travel insurance I’ll be honest!

Y Yell “Oh my God I can’t believe it I’ve never been this far away from home!” at the top of my voice in the Outback. Thank you Kaiser Chiefs and odd family traditions.

Z – Go to the zoo!

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