Dear Kate / Dear Lauren

Whilst I am away my best friend – and fellow blogger – Lauren and I will be writing letters to each other. This is to ensure that not only is she kept up to date on all my adventures (as essay texts and Facebook messages can get a bit tedious every single day!), but also to keep me in the loop with home, what’s happening in her life and all the goings on in the UK.

Before I left I emphasised to all my friends that this communication thing is a two-way thing. I want to remain up to date with what everyone is up to, and so I hope that this series will, in part, help contribute to that. Enjoy!

Check out Lauren’s blog at 🙂

1A. Dear Kate, Love Lauren

1B. Dear Lauren, Love Kate

2A. Dear Kate, Love Lauren

2B. Dear Lauren, Love Kate

3A. Dear Kate, Love Lauren

3B. Dear Lauren, Love Kate

4A. Dear Lauren, Love Kate

4B. Dear Kate, Love Lauren

5A. Dear Lauren, Love Kate

2 responses to “Dear Kate / Dear Lauren

  1. Hi Kate. Download World clocks, I have Auckland, London, New York, Seattle etc to help with my international Skypeing. Sadly, Laura just phones anytime – day or night!! It’s a Laura-ism xx


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